• 10TV: Addicts, counselors worry about state’s legalized sports betting proposal

    Via WBNS 10TV

    He’s never drank. He’s never done drugs. But, Dave Mathess is an addict and he can tell you how everything went wrong.

    “In 25 years, I’ve lost about $1.4 million and I have a…

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  • Old Enough to Know…

    I know many people cannot understand why someone won’t stop gambling. Please hear me. Our disease causes us to deny the truth, insist on “fixing” our problem, and punish ourselves for our bad choices – and…

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  • March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

    Maryhaven is partnering with the State of Ohio and the National Council on Problem Gambling to raise awareness of, and encourage action for, Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

    The month of March, which sees a 30% spike in…

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  • Mastering Numbers

    I am a college junior, majoring in accounting and failing in gambling addiction. Gambling was just something I did for fun. Then, I got to college and something inside me shifted.

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  • One More Time…

    I had to find some way to push past all this negativity and pain for myself and for our family. I will not allow the destructiveness of addiction to ruin one more minute of our lives.  

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  • A Little Help from Friends…

    Gambling addiction can trigger so many major life crises, from divorce to theft and even to suicide. Our friend confessed and apologized to his family and to us. He’s working to pay off his debts and…

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