• Stay Safe & Sober #3

    One of the toughest parts of staying sober is learning how to move past the persistent, obnoxiously, loud voice that accompanies addiction. But that voice is not an enemy–it’s a reminder that you now have new…

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  • Staying Sober & Safe #2

    You can stay in recovery and on the path to a better life if you develop the self-awareness, skills and habits to make decisions that protect your short- and long-term physical and mental health.

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  • Staying Sober & Safe

    Find Support Where You Can. Maryhaven is here and working with others to help you stay well, safe and sober during Covid-19. Read more…

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  • I haven’t missed a thing…

    The brain rewires for gambling just as it does for alcohol and drugs. Maryhaven works so more people can say what Amber proudly reports. Watch her story.

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  • Even when I lose, I’m winning

    Robert’s life personified the American Dream. Like most people with this disorder, he hid his issues for as long as he could, until he just couldn’t anymore.

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  • Losing Life

    There is hope. Listen to Dave, and learn how courage and tenacity can pull you back from the brink. He rediscovered a life worth living.

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