• Virtual Gambling Is Real

    Virtual gambling, hosted by virtual casinos, could soon be the Wild, Wild West of the Internet (in Ohio and beyond).

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  • Gambling Goes Viral

    There may be no practical way to keep this often-harmless pastime from going viral. But, before people you love are swept up in the frenzy, start with these questions…

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  • Fear The Monster

    Fear may seem like a fictional Monster, but its underlying cause may be real. The third in a series on pain and gambling with Dr. Heather Chapman and the experts from Maryhaven.

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  • ‘Hidden addiction’: How sports betting may impact problem gambling

    While state agencies prepare for the implementation of recently passed legislation that legalized sports betting in Ohio, those who specialize in problem gambling prevention said they are bracing for an influx of people seeking help.

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  • Painful Risks

    Examining the ties between chronic pain and gambling with Dr. Heather Chapman and the experts from Maryhaven. The second in a series on the topic.

    Being “out of control” from pain can lead to additional devastating consequences.

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  • How to protect kids nowadays from online gambling addiction

    Being a responsible parent includes learning how kids get hooked on gambling, signs of the behavior, and how to talk to kids about the topic. It’s your best bet to prevent youth gambling addiction.

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