If you or someone you know is struggling with a loved one’s gambling, this free online seminar can help you learn how to protect and help your family.

The videos below cover everything from the practical measures, such as protecting your finances and understanding the disease of addiction, to the emotional & mental health challenges faced by families when dealing with problem gambling.

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The History of Gambling

Gambling is everywhere. Learn more about society’s love/hate relationship with the world’s oldest pastime.

Gambling Addiction – Who is at Risk?

See why everyone (and not just problem gamblers) is truly at risk when it comes to gambling addiction.

Understanding Addiction

A closer look at addiction: how many are impacted in Ohio and how problem gambling fits the description.

Understanding the Disease

Recently added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (or DSM-5), gambling disorder is listed alongside other addictive behaviors. Learn more about what that means.

There is Hope – Success Stories

You can overcome the hold gambling addiction, as these first-hand experiences show.

Protecting Your Finances

Financial expert Brandy Avery highlights practical, yet important, things that loved ones can do to protect themselves when a problem gambler is out of control.

Overcoming Financial Loss

Financial expert Brandy Avery offers practical tips and strategies for dealing with the fallout of a financial setback due to a loved ones gambling.

How Maryhaven Can Help

Maryhaven experts Bruce Jones and Maria Garner discuss the ways that One More Chance offers treatment to loved ones. Learn more about the One More Chance team’s Experts Who Can Help.

Jessica’s Story

As the spouse of a problem gambler, Jessica talks about the challenges her whole family faced and the steps to recovery.


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