Losing Life

By: Melinda Swan

The downward spiral of addiction unravels just like the limiting processes associated with other debilitating diseases. You gradually devote less and less attention to the things that used to matter. You lose touch with, and interest in, the wider world.

Pathological gamblers experience the same regression. At first, betting feels fun, kickstarting a rush of excitement, newly found confidence, even euphoria. You fixate on your game of choice and regard playing it as the best part of the day.

But then, like fighting a chronic illness, your addiction demands so much of your time, energy and money that you start isolating yourself from friends, family and work. Unchecked, you will inevitably shred your financial safety net, betray those you love the most, and possibly even lie and steal to feed your disease. You think only of the next roll, the next scratch-off, the next big game.

Trapped by an addicted brain that incessantly seeks its next fix, despair and a sense of futility overwhelm you. You let go of the life you knew.

It isn’t surprising that this sad continuum contributes to suicide rates as high one in five among addicted gamblers – the highest numbers of any addiction. When you think you’ve already lost your life, the next step may seem all that’s left.

Yet, there is hope. Listen to Dave, and learn how courage and tenacity can pull you back from the brink. He, too, thought that his life was over, until he found help. Dave then rediscovered that his was a life worth saving. Watch his video below or view it on YouTube.

About the Author

Melinda Swan

Melinda Swan is a blogger for Maryhaven. She has worked closely with the experts at Maryhaven since the launch of One More Chance in 2015.

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