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Maryhaven Addiction Research Institute (MARI)

The Maryhaven Addiction Research Institute (MARI) launched in 2001 with the purpose of helping Maryhaven practitioners improve patient care by tapping into national research partnerships with key institutions and companies, including The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and Harvard Medical School. Clinical trials conducted in the Research Institute benefit patients across the country.

MARI tests cutting edge medical science for its efficacy in preventing or treating substance abuse disorders. With support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MARI has conducted dozens of clinical studies in the Central Ohio community.

The Institute’s most recent research targets the national and local opioid epidemic. The knowledge gained through research and clinical experience in this area allowed Maryhaven to expand its Franklin County Opioid Treatment Services and extend our science-based medication assisted treatments to Delaware County and beyond.

Another MARI research priority is developing new ways of managing chronic diseases related to addiction and striving for lifelong recovery. One such approach, referred to as Community Reinforcement and Family Training for Treatment Retention (CRAFT-T), teaches significant other people in the drug dependent person’s life how to effectively support their loved one’s treatment and recovery.

MARI continuously pursues new behavioral and medication based treatments for addiction. Maryhaven believes every person admitted should receive an empirically supported treatment approach.