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    That tradition continues today

    And we continue to earn our patient’s trust by consistently demonstrating respect and compassion and relying on best practice treatment protocols.

    Our comprehensive care works no matter where you are on your recovery journey: whether requiring intensive in-patient services, achieving key milestones such as reuniting with family, re-entering the workforce or moving into recovery housing to rebounding from relapse and thriving as an outpatient living independently.

    We also ground you with critical resources, like housing, food and transportation, while we connect you to opportunities to advance your education or strengthen your employability.

    We meet you where you are.

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    Services for Men


    Addiction Stabilization Center – For men experiencing overdose, relapse or other health crises related to substance abuse, this state-of-the-art emergency care center stabilizes patients and prepares them for treatment.

    Ambulatory Detox – Our skilled care team counsels men while they stay at home to be as safe and as comfortable as possible while undergoing withdrawal. When ready, counselors will help them create a treatment plan.

    Residential Care

    Men begin to heal in a highly protected environment. They learn the facts about addiction disorders and tools to get and stay sober. Men immerse themselves in group and individual counseling, therapeutic recreation, medical and nutritional interventions, Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help groups. If ready, men can invite their families to learn more about their disease, and, if possible, to actively support their recovery.

    Outpatient Services

    Our outpatient clinicians provide a broad range of expert care, undertaking comprehensive assessments, offering cognitive behavioral therapy (University of Cincinnati curriculum), overseeing medically assisted treatments, and connecting you to other needed community resources that reinforce recovery. Programs vary in length from 12 weeks to six months.

    Co-Occurring Disorders

    Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment Team (IDDT) – More than a third of people with addiction disorders experience some kind of co-occurring mental illness. This is often depression or anxiety or it may be another form of addiction.

    Our multidisciplinary team combines pharmacological, psychological, educational and social interventions to address co-occurring disorders while treating the issue that first brought you to our doors. Our goal is to help you overcome all barriers and achieve a healthy, balanced life.


    The only addiction not associated with a specific substance like alcohol or drugs, gambling can change the brain and affect behavior just like any other disorder.

    Young adult males are at high-risk for this disorder, but we do treat men of all ages. Options include outpatient services, group or individual therapy or integrated treatment done to also address other disorders like alcoholism, Maryhaven is respected as one of Ohio’s best and most effective gambling addiction treatment providers.

    For more information, visit our Gambling website or call 614-445-8131 (during business hours) or Ohio’s 24-hour Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966.

    Family Care

    Because loved ones need to heal too, we prioritize reuniting patients with their families, we also support reconciliation with parenting classes and childcare.

    These groups foster and rebuild relationships and support for the recovery process in ways that heal the patient and the entire family. They can be instrumental no matter where you are on your path to recovery.

    Homeless Services

    Services For those on the Streets – Because men often find themselves “living off the land” due to the severity of their mental illness or addiction, Maryhaven Outreach team travels the community encouraging people to find housing and treatment. Our Engagement Center provides temporary, year-round refuge for men nightly who are publicly inebriated homeless adults, transported to us by our outreach workers or by safety officers.

    Maryhaven’s team at the Commons at Chantry collaborates with the Community Shelter Board’s Rebuilding Lives network to assist formerly homeless men in achieving sobriety, rebuilding their lives and securing stable housing.

    Mental Health Treatment

    Maryhaven’s team of skilled professionals brings together 12 physician addiction specialists, eight fully licensed psychiatrists (adult and adolescent specialists) five nurse practitioners and psychologists, social workers and counsel to diagnose and treat specific mental health or psychiatric disorders through medications, individual, group and family counseling.

    We provide expert guidance whether disorders surface as a single issue or co-occur in combination with an addiction. We understand that depression, anxiety or panic disorders, post-traumatic stress and/or attention-deficit/hyperactivity may severely disrupt mood, behavior and relationships and trigger “self-medicating” responses.

    Medically Assisted Treatment

    For adult men struggling to be free of opioids, medication can reduce or eliminate cravings that lead to relapse. Maryhaven emphasizes a motivational therapeutic approach combined with daily medication services for either Buprenorphine (Suboxone), Methadone, and Vivitrol. Our comprehensive care starts with medical and clinical assessments, ongoing appointments with nurses and caregivers, mediation management and individual or group counseling.

    Learn More about Maryhaven’s Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

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