• Who Gives a Loot?

    Loot boxes generated as much as $30 billion for video game companies in 2018 alone. The problem? The more money gamers spend on loot boxes, the more severe their problem gambling tends to be.

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  • Smell The Coffee…

    For a variety of reasons, our society appears to view gambling addiction as less—less dangerous, less crippling, less chronic. It pales in comparison to “hard core” addictions to substances like heroin or alcohol.

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  • Addicted Kids

    One of the ways to break the negative cycle of addiction is to ensure that kids get the treatment and support they need, that they find the tools and hope necessary to crawl out of the…

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  • A Call to Elected Officials And Sports Gambling Experts: Count People Too

    The only logical conclusion for Ohio policymakers is that, if we open the door to sports betting, we must – just as we did for casinos and racinos – set aside funds to help people caught…

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  • The Heart of the Matter

    Addiction is addiction. There’s no difference. The brain rewires just the same tossing dice, pulling slots or clicking yes on online bets as it does by using crack, crystal meth or alcohol.

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  • Confessions of a Co-Worker…

    I now understand that his behavior did come from a physical disease, one that’s complex, life-altering and very hard to detect. We just didn’t understand that at the time.

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