• Packing My Own Bags

    Living with someone who is addicted to gambling can be extremely confusing. For example, he said his obsession with winning the Lottery really demonstrated how much he wanted to win a big pot and set us…

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  • Life After Gambling is a Team Sport

    The addiction seemed nearly unbearable. But the isolation may have been worse in some ways. I was raised in a culture where men didn’t seek help. We don’t confide in others about our problems.

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  • He Didn’t Come Home… Yet

    I remember many nights. It might have started when he began betting on horses, I’m not sure. It definitely happened constantly after the casino opened.

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  • I Couldn’t Fix It — And That’s OK

    I couldn’t fix my mother’s gambling addiction. And after years of beating myself up, repeatedly feeling frustrated and angry with her and disappointed when nothing seemed to help, I’m finally able to say it. Her addiction…

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  • Touched by Addiction

    I didn’t notice when his behavior began to blur the lines between committed and consumed, when he began caring more about the odds than the outcome.

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  • You Bet Your Life…

    Since a May ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal law against sports betting and delegated regulation of this to the states, the odds of Ohio enacting legislation to permit sports betting look…

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