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    Maryhaven Success Stories

    Since 1953, Maryhaven has helped more than 216,000 men, women and adolescents restore their lives from addictive and mental illness.

    See Our Stories of Recovery


    Copy of Shonieka and Sir Christopher AP 2008

    Shoneika (with son Sir Christopher) Former Patient, Women’s Center

    “My life was unmanageable before Maryhaven. My kids were placed in foster care. I was used to doing what I wanted, how I wanted. There was no order or structure in my life. Coming to the Maryhaven Women’s Center was a blessing… I’m truly grateful for my life and my children today.

    I eventually turned to treatment. It was like I was being an adult and a child at the same time. I know I didn’t know a whole lot. I had beat myself up real bad.

    The Women’s Center staff helped raise me, even though I was grown. I needed it – it was good for me. It taught me how to be more responsible. I learned parenting skills and things that would be helpful to being a mother. It provided a foundation for everyday living. I also learned how to maintain a home but still take care of me.

    I’ve now re-enrolled in school. I’ve completed my prerequisites for mental health/chemical dependency and am enrolled to begin the mental health track. I will receive my Associates, and my long-term goal is to obtain my Bachelors’.

    Some people say you have to go through something to get somewhere, and I believe that. I had to go through things to get where I am today.

    There have been challenges along the way, but I’ve been able to accomplish many things: reunification with my four children; I’m back in school getting my degree in mental health. If I hadn’t gone through treatment, I wouldn’t have my children, wouldn’t have a job, and definitely wouldn’t be going to school. I probably would be dead somewhere.”


    Nicole Fox and Kids AP Cover

    Nicole (with children Mikila and Jayden) Former Patient, Women’s Center

    “The Women’s Center helped me reunite with my daughter and deliver a healthy baby. Going to Maryhaven was a life changing experience.”

    Wanting to be a healthy, sober mother for her daughter and soon-to-be born son, Nicole made a break from her lifestyle and was admitted to the Maryhaven Women’s Center.

    At Maryhaven, Nicole states, “Something clicked.” Finally able to concentrate on restoring her life, Nicole was eager to learn and change her life. Nicole now keeps busy being a good mother while attending college to be a counselor to help others. Nicole volunteers whenever possible to speak to women about making a commitment to a sober, healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle for which Nicole is grateful every day.


    Ursula A WebPhoto 4-2-10

    Ursula, Former Patient, Women’s Center

    “Before coming to the Women’s Center, my life was very different from the one I enjoy today. I felt that I was dead inside. I knew that I could not control or win the fight against addiction alone. Going to the Maryhaven Women’s Center was the best decision I ever made. This program saved my life.

    I made the decision to continue my treatment and go on to the Women’s Center that Maryhaven provides. The only thing that it required of me was the willingness to go after my recovery with everything I had in me. Today I have healthy people in my life who care about me and for me.

    If I had not come to Maryhaven, my disease would continue progressing and my using would too. I would not be living the life that I love today.”