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Preparing for the MESA Program

The MESA Program fulfills your court-mandated order, provides alcohol/drug education, and alternative solutions to help you avoid driving impaired. Please review the list below to help prepare you to get the most out of this weekend. Note that violating any of the rules will result in your immediate discharge from the program and your court will be notified.

  1. Payment – Pay your fees with cash, money order, debit or credit cards. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS. Contact us in advance if you have any questions on methods of payment.
  2. Identification – Bring Identification such as your driver’s license, state ID, school/work ID, passport, Social Security card, birth certificate, court documents, or a bill in your name. This handout DOES NOT qualify as identification.
  3. Clothing – Wear/pack comfortable, appropriate clothing for a few days. NO saggy/baggy pants. NO short-shorts/skirts or revealing shirts, etc. NO shirts or other items imprinted with alcohol or drug references. Your luggage will be searched. Call us prior to the program with questions.
  4. Personal Items – Bring grooming articles/toiletries, hairdryers/curling irons, etc. The hotel provides towels and linens but you may pack your own linens/towels if you prefer. You are fully responsible for your personal items and valuables, including cell phones. Leave valuable or sentimental items at home to avoid issues. Maryhaven and the hotel are not responsible for any damaged or stolen items.
  5. Medicine – Part of the intake process includes a medical review with our nurses. Your prescriptions must be in their original container and clearly labeled. Bring only enough doses for the 72 hours that you are in our program. Over the counter medicine must be in new, sealed containers. NO MOOD-ALTERING SUBSTANCES are allowed unless prescribed by a physician, and approved by the staff nurse. FAILURE to comply will result in consequences and possible discharge.
  6. Smoking – You may bring unopened, sealed cigarettes/chewing tobacco. Smoking breaks and locations determined by staff.
  7. Phone Calls – Cell phones may be used during non-program hours.
  8. Snacks and Beverages – Snacks and Beverages are allowed but cannot be open. Vending machines are available at the hotel for snack purchases at your personal expense. You may bring change and small bills for vending machines. NO home cooked meals and NO food delivery allowed! Contact us in advance with questions.
  9. Books, magazines, paperwork or reading materials are permitted. Absolutely NO pornography.

Completion Requirements & Rejection/Dismissal Policy

The Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) requires you complete 72 consecutive hours of driver intervention and alcohol/drug education. Therefore, if you must leave early before complet-ing our program, you will be required to return and complete a new 72-hour class in its entirety. You will NOT be refunded your money for a program not fully completed and you will be responsible for the addi-tional cost of completing another program.

You are required to arrive rested, sober and drug free or face possible discharge. Do NOT use alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs for at least 72 hours (3 days) before the MESA program. You should continue to take medications as prescribed by your physician. Anyone who violates any written/verbal policy and program rule will be dismissed. The program staff reserves the right to reject any person deemed unable to partici-pate for medical or similar reasons. Rejection/Dismissal will be immediately reported to the referring judge, probation officer or agency.