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    Maryhaven recently increased its capacity so we can now serve more clients every day in our three residential treatment units located at our Alum Creek facility.

    How does it work?
    Like patients in intensive rehabilitation, residential care clients heal best when in a highly protected and structured environment.

    Residential clients meet daily with a personal counselor. In addition, all clients receive needed health, wellness and mental health supports, food, clothing and:

    — Medically Assisted Treatments (MAT) as appropriate, including Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol.
    — Education about substance abuse disorders and the interventions and tools that promote sobriety.
    — Counseling in group and individual settings, including Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help groups.
    — Medical and nutritional interventions, recreational and pet therapies.
    — Reconnection with families, when appropriate

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    How long does it take and what’s next?
    Most clients stay an average of 30 days. Next steps in recovery depend upon the client and is decided in consultation with the assigned personal counselor.

    Some enter long-term care. Many step down to a sober living facility. Some return to community and start outpatient treatment at different levels of intensity. Some immediately transition back to work. Some opt for a combination of these options, which includes The Residence, here at Maryhaven.

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