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We meet teens where they are

Teens typically become addicted for four reasons: genetics; spending time with family members who abuse or are addicted to alcohol or drugs; experimenting with addictive substances at young ages; and/or an untreated mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or unresolved trauma stemming from abuse, neglect, domestic violence and community violence.

Whether residential or out-patient care, we help young people identify, disrupt, and change negative coping skills by focusing on healthy alternatives to substance use, physical aggression, authority defiance, self-harm and other high risk behaviors.

Our caring team of expert’s help youth develop the resiliency to stay in recovery and to achieve key milestones such as living independently and pursuing education or a job. We also assist with basic needs like food, transportation and housing.

For help, please contact the Adolescent Admissions Counselor at 614-445-8131, ext 158.

Services for Adolescents

Inpatient Care

Young people (13-18-year-old males and females) in Maryhaven’s Adolescent Residential Program receive care for variable lengths of time in gender-specific patient areas. After assessment, each receives customized care that may include individual, group and family counseling services, case management, psychological and psychiatric evaluation, nursing and medical services, life skill services, recreation and art expression activities.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Treatment – Our team of experts rely on evidence-based interventions to help teens, ages 13-18, make better life choices, foster better relationships with family and friends, and, most importantly, stay in recovery from substance abuse. We also help educate caregivers about ways to help and support the teen, through environment and through skill-building exercises around problem-solving, anger, communication and more, Most treatment plans extend to 14 weeks but plans will be customized around individual patient needs.

For referrals, please contact the ACRA Clinical Supervisor at 614-445-8131, ext. 364.

Family Care

Family Counseling Services – Because loved ones need to heal too, we prioritize reuniting teens with their families. Together we can rebuild relationships and support for the recovery process in ways that heal the patient and the entire family.

Homeless Services

Services For those on the Streets – Because teens often find themselves “living off the land” due to the severity of their mental illness or addiction, Maryhaven Outreach team travels the community encouraging people to find housing and treatment. We also collaborate with homeless youth drop-in center Star House to offer groups and treatment options at their site.

Mentally Health Treatment & Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental Health Treatment – Maryhaven’s team of skilled professionals brings together physician addiction specialists, psychiatrists (adult and adolescent specialists) nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers and counselors to diagnose and treat specific mental health or psychiatric disorders through medications, individual, group and family counseling.

We provide expert guidance whether disorders surface as a single issue or co-occur in combination with an addiction. We understand that depression, anxiety or panic disorders, post-traumatic stress and/or attention-deficit/hyperactivity may severely disrupt mood, behavior and relationships and trigger “self-medicating” responses.