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    Update to Funders, Partners, Clients & Families

    As Maryhaven’s Chief Operating Officer for the last four years, I can attest to the courage and strength of our clients and our staff.

    Clients often connect with us during some of the darkest moments of their lives. A combination of sick, tired, angry, hurt, lonely, and sad — whether it’s a first experience or another try — the journey to recovery can be challenging. That makes it even more amazing when clients persevere and go on to restore their lives.

    Our staff demonstrate a similar perseverance. The talented, dedicated professionals throughout our six locations leave personal concerns at the door and enter our programs determined to uplift, treat, and coach people through tough transitions. Everyone from our clinicians to receptionists seems to tap into an unending reservoir of compassion and empathy. They truly exhibit a form of amazing grace.

    Clients and staff faced whole new trials these past two years. Our mission calls us to be an addiction treatment and behavioral health provider who accepts everyone, no matter their ability to pay nor how many times they enrolled before. COVID-19 outbreaks and staffing shortages jeopardized our mission and could have disrupted care. They certainly gave us pause.

    During 2021, pandemic concerns forced at least one of our four residential units to operate under some version of quarantine or isolation protocol 242 out of 365 days. And, of course, all of us had to assume new and additional responsibilities. We created and followed different protocols. Operations teams altered our facilities. Client support systems, clinicians, and providers transitioned to telehealth. Nurses provided physical care alongside behavioral health services. Outreach workers stayed socially distant but personally connected to people living on the streets.

    The list of adaptations is lengthy but the team at Maryhaven once again displayed unwavering resiliency. They showed up, focused on solutions, and kept innovating and working. Our Central Intake expansion opened during the pandemic, increasing access to care.

    There is no doubt that their actions made a significant difference. One clinician shared that, “Since we remained open during COVID-19, we could help a client from another state find the clinic that was a best fit for her recovery. We linked her to services quickly and prevented any gap in her therapy or medication. She was extremely grateful.”

    Clients found the pandemic a “sucker punch” to recovery and yet, they continued to inspire us too. Many shared the sentiment expressed by one when he said “I showed up broken and on the verge of death. If Maryhaven had not been open, I might not be here now…”

    We hope that the numbers of Central Ohio cases continue falling and that masks may again only be required during medical procedures and at Halloween. Change, however, remains a constant, including our recent leadership transition. Please be assured that Maryhaven staff consistently do whatever is needed to provide the highest quality, compassionate care to clients. I see this truth and am inspired by it every day.


    Adam Rowan
    Chief Operating Officer