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    Those who make it to recovery know they can benefit from additional support and they will work hard to secure them. Maryhaven opened The Residence to allow people to continue treatment and counseling in a safe, protected environment while they return to work and re-establish family ties.

    Where people have the chance to gradually prepare to fully re-enter the world, their odds of long-term recovery increase.

    The Residence is a structured therapeutic environment for adults to stay 4-6 months. This 30-bed unit offers personalized plans, leading to community re-integration and sustainable recovery. Among other things, The Residence aims to help clients:

    — Secure a job using work-readiness curriculum as needed
    — Further their education (GED, bachelor’s degrees, certifications)
    — Find safe and stable long-term housing
    — Rebuild and repair relationships


    “It’s critical that we offer partial outpatient programs so people have stability in housing and treatment while they return to work or start a workforce readiness program. Recovery for everyone is different and we have to offer compassion. The only common denominators are that recovery takes time AND appropriate care.”
    — Maryhaven CEO Oyauma Garrison

    One additional note:
    Maryhaven knows that individual clients’ recovery and sense of self-worth grows as their lives improve and they have the opportunity to “give back,” sharing their stories of recovery and resiliency with other people on the same path.  We proudly welcome back many of our “alumni” to speak to inpatient, outpatient and other groups. Their stories inspire, encourage and even cause a laugh or two to others with addiction. We hope you will join us and share your own “Been There, Done That, Now I’m Doing This.”

    Take a Tour, with London

    Maryhaven Client London takes you on a first-hand look at The Residence.

    Learn More, with Matt

    Matt Grafton, Clinical Manager of The Residence, describes Maryhaven’s new long-term residential therapeutic environment.

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