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Community & Cultural Inclusion

Maryhaven’s Cultural Diversity Council was established in 1992 to promote the understanding of the cultures of both our staff and patients by promoting cultural competency. At Maryhaven, we aim to both embrace our differences and respect the individuality of our co-workers and patients alike. We strive to become more culturally inclusive in our diversity efforts, both through education to promote understanding between employees and patients, and in our involvement in community festivals, committees and partnerships.

Chaired by Angela Stewart, MSA, Director of Human Resources and Diversity Development, the committee meets monthly with a goal of involving all employees and creating an environment that naturally empowers all.

In past, Maryhaven has been recognized by the University of Texas as one of the top 70 organizations in the country providing culturally competent services to their patients. Out of those 70, Maryhaven was one of six organizations whose program was included in a guidebook published by the University on how to develop a culturally competent organization.