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    Adolescent Services and Programs

    Maryhaven serves boys and girls ages 12-18, treating them for alcohol and other drug dependencies, as well as other mental health needs in both residential and outpatient settings.

    Our gender specific residential treatment units allow teens to better focus on treatment and goals. We customize a treatment plan for each client, addressing the unique needs of each teen and his or her family.

    Maryhaven’s services and programs for Adolescents include:

    Residential Services

    • Psychological assessment
    • Psychiatric services
    • Individual/group/family counseling
    • Recreation and art therapy
    • Drug and alcohol counseling
    • Participation in 12-step groups (AA, NA, CA)
    • Anger management assessment and counseling
    • Behavior management
    • Close working relationship with referring agencies
    • Pharmacological management
    • Lifeskills development

    Outpatient Services (consists of three tiers of services)

    • Intensive Outpatient program
    • Outpatient Program
    • Aftercare Services; offered to all patients post treatment to assist in continued healthy lifestyle change and recovery

    Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach and Assertive Continuing Care (ACRA/ACC) is a community based program funded by grants from the Franklin County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services Board and Franklin County Children Services. ACRA/ACC works with adolescents released from residential care, and rewards sobriety, so that the adolescent continues making healthy lifestyle choices. This evidence-based treatment model has been proven to be effective with adolescents all across the nation.

    As part of The Maryhaven School, Summit Academy provides two teachers licensed and qualified to teach students at the middle and/or high school level. These instructors understand well the social/emotional needs of students in eighth through twelfth grade and teach curricula aligned with the students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

    Maryhaven also ensures our clients can earn their GED while in recovery. Any patient that is eligible and wants to take the GED Practice Test is connected with a Title One tutor from Columbus City Schools. These tutors utilize GED books and pretest materials to assist students in preparing to pass the Practice Test and earn a waiver to take the actual GED Test.

    To learn more about Maryhaven’s Adolescent Services, contact us today.