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    Adult Services

    Maryhaven offers a variety of programs for adults including both inpatient services, like residential detox and extended care programs at the Women’s Center, as well as outpatient care services, such as ambulatory detox, comprehensive AOD/MH assessments, counseling assistance for Buprenorphine, mentoring for pregnant addicted women through our Stable Cradle Program (see below for details), services directly addressing both trauma and addiction offered by our Seeking Safety Program and a host of other programs.

    The Adult Inpatient Treatment Program is a variable length of stay, inpatient treatment program for adults. Clients learn about the addiction disorders and are introduced to tools necessary to get and stay sober. They are intensely engaged in a therapeutic environment with group and individual counseling, client and family education, therapeutic recreation, medical and nutritional interventions, Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help groups.

    Our Adult Outpatient Program is now located at 1430 South High Street and can be reached at (614) 324-5450.

    The Adult Outpatient Services department encompasses a variety of programs including comprehensive AOD/MH assessment, CBI for Substance Abuse (University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute curriculum), Maryhaven Counseling Assistance for Buprenorphine (MCAB) and general outpatient services using the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA). Programs vary in length from 12 weeks to 6 months. Clients experience their treatment in an environment that emphasizes support and encouragement as well as accountability.

    The Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment Team (IDDT) at Maryhaven focuses on promoting independent living, stable housing, employment and continuity of care; and works to reduce hospitalizations, arrests, incarcerations, service costs and relapse of substance abuse and mental illness. The team is multidisciplinary and combines pharmacological, psychological, educational and social interventions to address the needs of consumers and their family members. IDDT helps people address both disorders at the same time, in the same organization by the same team of treatment providers.

    And Family Support Groups guide loved ones to rebuild relationships and support the recovery process in ways that heal everyone concerned.

    To learn more about Maryhaven’s Adult Services, contact us today.

    Detoxification ServicesWomen’s Center Programs

    Maryhaven’s Residential Detoxification is a subacute inpatient program for adult men and women who need medical help to safely detoxify. Registered nurses staff this program and the facility 24 hours-a-day. Counselors provide referrals to the next level of care.

    The Ambulatory or Outpatient Detoxification Program provides counseling services during the day seven days a week, while allowing patients to reside in their homes.

    To learn more about Maryhaven’s Detoxification Services, contact us today.

    Maryhaven’s first treatment program, the Women’s Extended Care Program, has assisted more than 2,100 women as they have reclaimed their lives from the chaos of alcohol and drug addiction and mental illness.

    Clients live in a communal home-like setting with extensive support and counsel as they build the skills and confidence to become self-sufficient, find jobs or continue their education and secure independent housing.

    Maryhaven oversees two unique residential, extended care experiences for women, along with their infants and young children:

    • The Aster Program is the original Women’s Program that has served our community since 1953. The program is located on the suburban campus of the Maryhaven Women’s Center.
    • The AYA Program is an Africentric Program funded by ADAMH and was created to meet the needs of women of color.

    Both programs provide a full range of services to address issues related to recovery from addictive illness; mental health; trauma related to sexual, emotional, physical, or other forms of abuse, neglect, or abandonment; family and relationship issues; eating and body image problems; grief; and anger.

    Maryhaven particularly strives to serve pregnant women so that they can maintain a healthy, drug-free pregnancy, give birth to a healthy baby, and establish a positive, enduing mother-infant bond.

    The Stable Cradle Program, in partnership with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, combines outpatient mentoring, prenatal, birthing, and postnatal care to expectant mothers, and is offered in English and Spanish.

    We also prioritize reuniting families and support this important milestone with parenting education, childcare, and family counseling to repair relationships damaged by addictive or mental illness.

    To learn more about Maryhaven’s Women’s Center Programs, contact us today.